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Hurtta Cooling Wrap

Hurtta Cooling Wrap

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The Hurtta Cooling Wrap provides effective cooling for dogs, minimising body heat and providing comfort in even the warmest weather. Simply soak the vest in cold water, squeeze the water out, and it’s ready for cooling. As the cool water evaporates it creates a cooling reaction, helping dogs stay cooler or longer.

The vest’s cooling inner layer is made from a high-performance microfiber that absorbs moisture several times it’s weight. The thin microfibers’ remarkable absorption power does what conventional fabrics can’t, creating a longer lasting cooling effect. The vest’s three-dimensional mesh fabric directs airflow, causing moisture to evaporate form the cooling layer, while the lining’s technical, moisture-wicking knit feels comfortable even when wet.

The Cooling Wrap is designed to cover the areas of the dog’s body that enhance cooling, namely the chest and its large blood vessels and the lungs. As circulation occurs, the vest’s cooling effect spreads throughout the body, eliminating the need for the garment to cover the majority of the dog’s body.

  • Cooling provided by water evaporation
  • Cooling microfiber layer
  • 3D mesh knit fabric enhances evaporation
  • Technical moisture wicking-wicking lining
  • Fully adjustable chest circumference
  • Soft adjustable elastic strap
  • Lightweight buckle attachment
  • Bright 3M reflectors
  • Certified safe and non-toxic fabric
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