About us

Welcome to Doodledales.  The Positive Pet People.

Doodledales is a independent, family run pet emporium based at Old Newton near Stowmarket in the lovely Suffolk countryside.

We aim to provide your pets with holistic products for a happy and healthy life.  Focussing on natural and species appropriate food and treats alongside quality accessories which are all tested on the Doodledales' furry family.

We stock a selection of raw food for dogs and cats and a complimenting range of supplements.  Our raw brands include The Dog's Butcher,  Manifold Valley Meats (MVM), Totally Natural, Naked Dog, Henley Raw, Paleo Ridge, Naturaw, Cotswold Raw, Benyfit Natural, Nutriment, Natural Instinct, Landywoods, Poppys Picnic, Keizebrink, Natures Menu, we also have the support of holistic vet Vince the Vet who is always on hand to offer more advice than we can give.

We also have a range of specially selected dry and tinned food.  We can offer samples of the dry food we stock and advice on the most suitable product for your dogs needs.

Our dog treat selection compliments our feeding ethos. We have a pick & mix of natural treats as well as packaged products. We select treats with honest ingredient lists and can tell you what texture they have and how long they last our Dogs.

We cater for a large selection of animals from hamsters to horses and a lot between. We have poultry, wild bird food and animal feed from Marriages.  Horse feed from Dengie, Allen & Page and others. We feel we have chosen our main products carefully, we avoid products containing GM products and we source from the UK as much as we can to avoid excessive carbon footprints.

Jessy has a distinction level diploma in Canine and Feline Nutrition so can formulate meal plans to assist in support of treatment of intolerance, allergies, behavioural problems and general health.

Our accessories come from premium brands and include the Perfect Fit harness, Ruffwear, Hurtta, XtraDog and Chuckit.  We also produce our own fleece dog wear, which can be made to measure for difficult to fit breeds.

Do pop over and see us, parking is plentiful and free, and we welcome dogs into the shop.