Raw feeding

Welcome to our raw feeding page. Here you will find the benefits of raw feeding, advice on how to switch your dog or cat to raw, the difference between BARF and Prey Model raw, and much more including common myths and why they don't hold up in a scientific world.

BARF or Prey Model.

The first commonly known method of raw feeding was BARF model raw feeding (biologically appropriate raw feeding / bones and raw food) The basics of this diet is raw meaty bones, muscle meat, offal and fruit/veg.

More recently prey model raw feeding has a much bigger following as dogs don't really need the fruit and veg. It was believed for a long time that wolves would eat stomach contents of a prey animal, but now we know most will shake that matter out.

In a prey model diet we are aiming for 80% meat, 10% edible bone and 10% secreting organs as this is approximately the levels in small prey animals. These figures are a guide as different dogs have different metabolism and balance doesn't have to happen every day.

You can of course feed prey model and add fruit and veg some days if you want to. There are some times where we don't recommend it but we will go into detail on that later.