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Henley Raw, meat, heart and lung complete

Henley Raw, meat, heart and lung complete

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Henley Raw dog food produce a nice chunky mince which really appeals to lots of dogs.

Ethically sourced UK meat

Packaged in cardboard containers

80/10/10 prey model complete food. (80% meat, 10% bone, 10% secreting organs)

 Composition: 20% Lamb Lung, 20% Lamb / Ox Heart, 15% Lamb, 15% Ox, 10% Duck, 10% Duck Bone, 5% Ox Liver, 5% Other Ox Offal

Typical Nutritional Analysis: Fat 15.7%, Moisture 66.5%, Ash 1.2%, Fibre 0.7%, Protein 16.8%

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