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Cotswold Raw cat food

Cotswold Raw cat food

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It’s designed to help cats thrive on a raw diet and contains 26 essential daily vitamins & minerals for optimum health & wellbeing.

  • Supports growth & development – includes folic acid, magnesium, phosphorous & vitamin B2.
  • Supports heart health & a strong immune system – with taurine, carnitine, vitamin D3, vitamin E and zinc to support your cat’s first line of defence.
  • Supports cognitive health & eyesight – includes choline, vitamin A and vitamin B6
  • Supports general health & wellbeing – with high levels of coconut & seaweed meal and omega 3.
  • Formulated with protected minerals to increase the bio-availability of important nutrients.

80% British Chicken with bone, Chicken Heart, Chicken Liver (97.5%). Sea Kelp, Milled Flax Seed, Beet Pulp, Copra, Sunflower & Linseed Oil, Molasses, Mineral & Vitamin Pre-mix. 


Moisture 67.9%, Protein 18.1%, Fat 12.1%, Ash 0.6%, Fibre 0.5%. Vit A 833iu, Vit E 41mg, Taurine167mg, Carnitine 17mg, Manganese 9mg, Copper 3.5mg

Energy 1830kcal/kg

Ca:P ratio 1.6

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