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K9 Connectables. Medium starter pack

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K9 Connectables are a fun, interactive enrichment toy range.

Medium size is suitable for dogs 8-25kg, for example Cocker Spaniels, Beagles, Border Collies etc ~(if your dog is a strong chewer you might be better with the large although Jasper and Lola both had this size when they were the only size available and they have lasted well)

Made with non toxic plastic, the collection of toys clip together. The owner puts food in the various pieces and the dog has to break the pieces apart to access the goodies.  There are multiple levels of connection so the game can be made easier or harder.

The toys are infinitely connectable with others of the same size, so you can keep on expanding and see what shapes you can make.

The starter pack has 1 tech bone, 1 dental and 1 original toy.

They can be frozen for a longer lasting game or a summer game.