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Elimination Diet kit. Rabbit

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This kit contains items needed to start on an elimination diet to attempt to find out dietary intolerance.  Food intolerance can be a major factor in digestive issues, itchy skin, ear problems and undesirable behaviour.

We offer a variety of elimination diet kits.  To choose the initial protein look for something you have never fed your dog before. You are looking to feed a single protein (including treats) for 3-6 weeks depending on improvement.  Hopefully in this time you will see improvement.  (if things get worse you will need to change protein) After this initial period you can start to introduce other single proteins, gradually one at a time.  That way you will know what proteins are suitable for your dog and what are not.

 Our elimination diet kits contain 7kg (if 454g packs it won't be exact!) of raw food and suitable single protein treats.