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Betsy’s Raw Food Lovely fish & tripe

Betsy’s Raw Food Lovely fish & tripe

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Chunky and ethically sourced UK produced meat. Betsy's is a premium raw product.

Tripe with 20% salmon and 20% white fish.

Also contains pig liver and beef kidney

Ideal to feed with a meaty bone and this has a lower bone content

Analytical Constituents

• Protein 17.2%
• Fibre 0.1%
• Moisture 71.3%
• Ash 0.8%
• Fat 12.76%
Working Dog Food

Complementary Raw Dog Food
Composition: Tripe (40%), Salmon (20%)*, White Fish (20%), Ox Heart (10%), Pig Liver (5%), Ox Kidney (5%).
No additives.

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